Current Form

This approach uses match sequences to calculate the form of a team.
Form is depicted as a function of the changing pattern over recent time. Points are allocated for wins and draws as follows:

Home teamAway team

To reflect the change in form over time, greater emphasis is placed upon recent results. To achieve this, a weighting system is applied. Each of the allocated points values is multiplied by its ordinal number in the match sequence. The points allocated to the fifth, ie. the last, match in the sequence are multiplied by 5, the fourth by 4, third by 3, etc. The points for each result are then added. Only the last five home results of the home team and the last five away results from the away team are analysed. Here is an example of a football table (form table) how points are allocated:

home teamprevious results:1-11-00-11-03-0
away teamprevious results:1-01-12-02-20-0
home team points=1x1+2x3+3x0+4x3+5x3=34
away team points=1x0+2x2+3x0+4x2+5x2=22
The points difference is the home team points total minus the away team points total.
In this example 34 minus 22 = + 12