Recent goals

The Recent Goals system is another measure of recent form. It has a moving selection of five observations, which means that only the goals scored over a five match sequence are considered, that is, the last five home scores of the home team and the last five away scores of the away team are analysed.

The basic calculation requires that the home team goals scored are added to the away team away goals lost to give a HOME points total. Similarly the AWAY points total is calculated by adding the away team away goals scored to the home team home goals lost. Here is an example :

home team1-11-00-11-03-0
away team1-01-12-02-20-0
Home Team Goal Rating
= home team, home goals scored + away team, away goals lost
Away Team Goal Rating
= away team, away goals scored + home team, home goals lost

The points difference is the home team points minus the away team points.
In this case 12 minus 5 = +7.